A profile with both management and technical background, member of Project Management Institute (PMI) international, and PMI Lebanon chapter, a PMP graduate and practitioner, a Business Management Expert, and a Business Continuity practitioner. Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Information & Communication Technology and currently undergoing the Executive MBA (EMBA).

TechnoTouch! Mission & Vision.

TechnoTouch, following a long and extensive professional carrier, was founded by Georges Hajj in 2012, with the aim to bring technology closer to businesses, organizations, and individuals, by creating a partnership between the digital tools and the business' goals.

TechnoTouch is organized in three distinguished departments, Digital implementation, Contracting Services and Educational mission.

In Digital implementation, TechnoTouch undergoes projects based on the Digital Transformation consultancies provided by Georges Hajj.

In Contracting services, TechnoTouch provides contracting services, performing assessments, developing designs, and implementing comprehensive and exclusive ideas.

In its Educational mission, TechnoTouch developed a tailored content, to provide essential business English and Computer skills training, to enable young and professionals individuals to excel in today's business.

Our Services!

TechnoTouch focuses on providing the best practice and tailor-made solutions that fit the client's needs.

Digital Implementation


Contracting Services